About Holistic Life Foundation

The Holistic Life Foundation is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization committed to nurturing the wellness of children and adults in underserved communities. Through a comprehensive approach that helps children develop their inner lives through yoga, mindfulness, and self-care, HLF demonstrates deep commitment to learning, community, and environmental stewardship. We pride ourselves on creating and teaching mindfulness in public school settings – particularly Baltimore City Public Schools (BCPS) – as a complement to academic learning. HLF is also committed to developing high-quality evidence-based programs and curriculum to improve community well-being. Our programs have been monitored and evaluated since 2008 by the Center for the Prevention of Youth Violence at Johns Hopkins University. Since HLF began in 2001, our programs, facilitated workshops, and trauma-informed trainings have reached more than 50,000 youth and 15,000 adults across America and Europe.


About Holistic Me

Our program provides children with the opportunity to build their cognitive and social skills in a caring, supportive, and safe environment.  Our curriculum is threaded with experiences that encourage children to develop their inner lives through Yoga, Mindfulness, self-care, and appreciate the value of learning, community, and stewardship of the environment.  Programming includes academic enrichment, Yoga and Mindfulness training, STEAM enrichment activities (i.e. environmental education/advocacy, art, music, civic engagement, writing, etc.) and sports fundamental training/fitness activities.

Extended Learning in Science, Math, Art, Robotics, Mindfulness and Yoga

Holistic Me

2601 N. Howard St.


Tel: 410-235-4300

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