Learn about the exciting activities we have planned for our virtual campers this summer. Click on the button below to view our camp schedule. Once enrolled students will receive links to our virtual classrooms.


Each grade level will participate in different hands on activities to build on the skills learned during the previous school year.

Kindergarten and first grade students learn about the engineering process by completing various fun challenges such creating a noise maker and designing a raft and much more.

Our second and third graders will learn what it takes to be a superhero by completing activities that breakdown the science behind super powers.  Older students in grades 4th thru 6th will work on hands-on projects that introduce them to basic electronics through creative materials. 

Yoga and Mindfulness

This summer students will participate in 30 min daily yoga and mindfulness virtual sessions as well complete mindfulness activities independently using our online platform Bridging Academics and the Mind (BAM). Mindfulness practices directly and indirectly foster a greater sense of calm and well-being for individuals who engage in them regularly. Holistic Me teaches students to self-regulate their emotions to interrupt rumination, negative emotions and behavior. Mindfulness practices like yoga and meditation help students recognize when they are slipping into unhealthy states of mind and give them tools to regain calm, balance, and perspective beyond the moment. Yoga melds mindful focus with active body movements and breathing exercises. Children and youth will learn social and emotional skills applicable to every aspect of their lives – skills that teach them better ways to work out anger, take better control over responding to stress in their lives, and plan a productive future for themselves.


This summer we are excited to offer our regular enrichment classes to our students virtually. Students in grades K-3 will participate in a mixture of enrichment classes from 11:30 - 12:30 pm.  Students in grades 4th -6th will select their afternoon enrichment classes that are held from 1:15 to 2:15 pm and 2:15 to 3:15 pm.  We will be offering the following classes

Dance*Sewing*Art*Physical Fitness*Yoga*Robotics*Gardening*

Jewelry Making*Stem Activities

Students will also participate in weekly virtual field trips 



Students will have the opportunity to review skills  to support them during the school year.  We will use Camelot Math Intervention Program.  This highly engaging, hands on program, supports students through instruction and games. Each child will receive a backpack with all the materials necessary to participate virtually.  Click here to learn more.  Students will also work independently to build their math skills using the fun online platform Splash Learn.  Click here to visit Splash Learn.

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